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Thank you for the recognition of our hard work together.

Amy S.

Glover Park South, Washington, DC

Jill gets the highest recommendation I can give. I found her online; she was one of five professional organizers that I "interviewed." She was the first to return my call and offered the best advice right off the bat. And then she came to my house and blew me away. We have been working together once a week for the last couple months. She's hardworking and efficient, yet respectful and easygoing, and chock-full of creative ideas to organize our home while considering the needs of our family. She sends us a summary of each session and gives us manageable homework, and comes prepared each week with research she's done addressing solutions for areas we need to address.

Rachel S.

Silver Spring, MD

Jill walked in and took a thorough look at the area and then did the most amazing thing: she sat down with me. We discussed what I was hoping to get out of our session. She had me close my eyes and visualize what I hoped my desk area to look like when we were finished. We spent about 3 minutes just breathing in calm and breathing out clutter. Honestly it set such a productive tone for the time we worked. The hours flew by and I was surprised at how much we accomplished. By the end of Jill's time with me my desk area was organized, with even some new procedures put into place. And the above and beyond, Jill checked in with me in a week to see how I was doing with them. I can't recommend Jill and One To Zen Organizing enough! Well worth every minute and cent!!!!!

Don S.

Silver Spring, MD

Very high energy with a laser like focus. Intelligent, organized, amiable, professional with a healthy dose of humor that helps keep things moving. At the beginning of this project I was pretty determined to get my living space under control. Jill facilitated this in ways I never expected. I now feel that there is hope.

Wanda S.

King George, VA

I can still hear your voice when the clutter tries to ease back into my office space. Thanks for your patience and compassion.

Kristin M.

Fairfax Station, MD

One to Zen Organizing has been so helpful. I notice a big difference in my behavior and self organization simply because things have their space and place. Jill really took a hold of this project and ran with it. It was so nice to just trust Jill and not have to worry about it. I felt safe and trusting of her being in my home as well as trying to organize my things with integrity and finances in mind.

Devorah W.

Silver Spring, MD

Jill was so helpful not just with helping us clear clutter and organize but also with creating systems that have been easy to follow. She’s lovely to work with & made a big difference in our home.

MSH_DSC05320 (2).jpg

LaShanda A.

Silver Spring, MD

The session was the motivation that I have been needing. I no longer feel so overwhelmed by the process. I was able to find some things that I forgot that I had and to put those things to good use.

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