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Kristen's Nursery

Having a first baby is a major life transition. And major life transitions bring about an uptick in anxiety. So I was prepared to bring in the calm when Kristen hired me to help her prepare her home for baby number one. Here are some steps that took her from “One to Zen.”

  • Very important: We set up two changing table areas: one on the first floor next to the area where Kristen and her husband slept and a second area in the baby’s room on the second floor. Each changing table was fully stocked with diapers, wipes, creams, and overstock. A portable diaper bag was also fully stocked and standing by.

  • We installed drawer separators to accommodate the tiny baby clothes and utilized reusable labels that could be moved when the baby outgrows a clothes size. We labelled for one size up since babies change so quickly.

  • We purchased a caddy for the closet with hanging drawers, shelves, and pockets to maximize and neatly store all the random baby items that the baby would eventually need.

  • Creating a donation system was a must, so we labelled some clear storage bins with the clothing sizes that the baby will soon outgrow. Those bins can either be stored for baby number two or donated to a charity or another family that is expecting.

  • A second clear bin was also created as a Memory Box to store all those important memories to come.

  • The family of a newborn receives many cards and gifts. Kristen and I set up a card station on a small table where we placed her “thank you” cards. We commissioned an old shoebox as storage to hold the accompanying congratulations cards and stored them in the same area, along with pens and stamps. She would write the gift on the back of the received card and place it in the shoebox. Then, on a restful day, she would write out her “thank you” cards easily because everything she needed was all in one place.

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