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The Solomon Paradox

There are some questions or statements that get thrown around quite a lot when you are a Professional Organizer.

One common question I hear:

“I am so nervous standing here looking at my clutter. Doesn’t all that clutter make you nervous?”

And my answer is always:

“No, because it’s not my clutter.”

The Solomon Paradox

Wise Owl

Enter the Solomon Paradox. The Solomon Paradox is a proven behavioral phenomenon in which people think more clearly about other people’s problems than their own. The origin comes from the story of King Solomon the King of Israel who was so wise that people would travel from all over the world to ask him the answer to their questions. However, King Solomon's wisdom was no help to himself. He made all kinds of personal mistakes from women to money to parenting.

So breaking it down:

King Solomon was wise

King Solomon could use his wisdom to help others

King Solomon could not apply his wisdom to his personal life – What a mess!

People think more clearly about other people’s problems than their own.

You and King Solomon

Bye Bye Ripped Jeans

So how does the Solomon Paradox translate to organizing? The average person can look at someone else’s closet and discern that the ripped college sweatshirt has seen its heyday. Take a picture if you must but say goodbye. Yet

have the owner of that closet look at the same sweatshirt and she sees “an old friend” and clarity goes out the window.

Breaking it down again:

You’re a reasonable person

You can use that reason to help colleagues, family and friends

You will have a much harder time applying the same reason to your personal life – So Unfair!

Making the Solomon Paradox Work For You

Fortunately, a recent study published in the Journal of Psychological Study reveals a way to reverse the Solomon Paradox. If you distance yourself from a given situation and look at it in third-person, you can tap into your peak reasoning ability.

Tricks of the Trade

Here are some organizing tricks that Professional Organizers often use. We:

  1. Take everything out of its usual space (e.g., all items off the bookshelf) so clients will eye their belongings from a new perspective

  2. Hold up an item of clothing because studies have shown that when a client touches his/her clothes they are more likely to keep them

  3. Place sentimental items in front of a client only as the last step of an organizing project because we know that clients need to strengthen their organizing muscle first by looking at less personal items.

Of course, hiring a professional organizer will help you with the Solomon Paradox since there is a third party there to talk you through your decision making (me tooting my own horn toot, toot!). But now that you know about the Solomon Paradox, you can use third person language when organizing, or recruit a friend to let you know when you and reason are parting ways.

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