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Virtual Organizing

The Who
the who

Who benefits from virtual organizing? ​​​

You live outside of One to Zen Organizing's service area

If you live in another state or region then having in-person sessions is simply not possible. However, you can still utilize One to Zen Organizing through virtual sessions.

You have smaller blocks of free time

Traditional in-person sessions require a minimum of 3 hours. Not everyone has 3 hours in a row to spare. Virtual Organizing requires just 1 hour per session. After the session, you will be encouraged to continue organizing in your own time before our next session.

You want to have more control

Many people prefer to be in control of their own space. Since I will be organizing from my own home, you will be the one to ultimately decide what to show me and what to set aside for later (or never).

Other benefits

Virtual organizing is a slower-paced form of organizing with more "staying power." You are practicing the techniques we learned in every session as well as between sessions; Therefore, you will be able to maintain your goals more successfully. Some clients find in-person sessions to be too fast-paced and enjoy the shorter virtual sessions. They are able to digest the information more easily.

The What
the what

Virtual organizing involves conducting a session over a virtual platform (such as Zoom), yet still offers the benefits of in-person organizing.

Through virtual organizing, I can help you with:

  • Strategizing and planning so you have clear organizing goals and a framework to reach these goals

  • Teaching you organizing tips and techniques so you can apply them long after we have worked together 

  • Coaching you and asking the right questions to help you get “unstuck” and make important decisions about your mental and physical clutter

  •  Providing accountability by showing up at your home, picking up where we left off and making sure that you progress.

  • Cheerleading and ensuring that you celebrate your success so you recognize how far you have come, keep that momentum running, and don’t let negative voices throw you off-course.

The Why
the why

Why choose One to Zen Organizing?

There are many organizers out there. Here are the superpowers that you are harnessing when you hire One to Zen Organizing:


Mindful & Process based 

I believe that mindfulness is the key to organization. A large part of my job is to bring awareness to both a client’s true goals and to the underlying issues causing disorganization. Once we solve this puzzle, we can create a process that both allows you to reach your organizing goals and maintain your systems and space. 


Compassion & Empathy 

In order to solve your organizing issues, I need to understand your wants and needs. I ask key questions and then listen to you without judgement. Compassion and empathy are such simple concepts but they take practice. That is why I joined the Compassion Course and read The Compassion Book every year.


The Session Summary

After every session, I provide a complimentary Session Summary of our work together. I find this step very important for both of us. The summary allows me to lay out your goals so we can both see that we are working toward the same outcome. It also allows me to share the framework for how you will reach those goals. What can be more motivating than that?



When you hire One to Zen Organizing, you can be sure you will be working with me, Jill Katz. Our work together is a partnership where I take your organizing needs and use my expertise to create a strategy that gets you there.


Professional Development 

Lifelong learning is one of my core beliefs. By keeping up with the latest organizational  strategies and techniques I can pass them on to you. I belong to both the National Association of Productivity & Organizing professionals (NAPO and NAPO-WDC, the Washington DC Metro chapter) and the Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and take classes regularly from both organizations. I keep all client information confidential as reflected in NAPO’s Organizing Codes of Ethics.

The How
the how

First we set up a free 20-minute phone consultation so I can get to know you and understand your organizing goals.


Next we conduct our first session. Based on our phone call, we will choose the best place to get started. During our session, I will teach you strategies and techniques as we actively declutter. I will be taking notes during our session that capture all the information that you need. ​


After we organize together virtually, I will email you immediately with a summary of what we did so you can continue the process for at least an hour at home, using the tools that you learned with me.

When we virtually meet again, we will review any challenges you experienced before continuing to organize and reach your goals.

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