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Virtual Organizing: Let's Do This Together


1 FREE HOUR of Virtual Organizing

Redeemable through June 1st, 2020

Click here to schedule.

There you are staring at your clutter, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to begin. Here I am staring at my own four walls and wanting to share my organizing knowledge with you.


Let's team up!

I can "Zoom in" remotely and help you with your organizing challenges through virtual organizing. Virtual organizing is a slower process of organizing with more "staying power" since I am teaching you my techniques remotely and you are actually learning these techniques by flexing your organizing muscles. You become the organizer and I am your consultant, coach, guide, and accountability partner from my home.

Here's How It Works:

  • You choose a space that needs some organizing

  • You schedule your free organizing session with me:

  • During our free 1-hour session, I will help you get organized. I can be your "shadow," or accountability partner to be there to get it done. I can be your consultant if you need to strategize or I can be your coach if you are having difficulty making decisions about what you need. And I can be your cheerleader if you hate clearing paper but you need to see it through.

  • After we organize together virtually, I will email you immediately with a summary of what we did so you can continue the process for an hour at home, using the tools that you learned with me.


So what are you waiting for?

Contact me and get the zen you need today!

To book your free hour, click here.

Have a question? Schedule a free call here.

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